Japanese To Watch Tv on their PSP.

August 11th, 2007 by raja

A ďPlaystation Premier 2007? press conference was held earlier today by Sony Computer Entertainment. Sony held this press conference in Japan to unveil their new PSP which had already been displayed to their American counterpart at the E3 Media & Business Summit. Japanese should be happy to hear that the Research and Development team has developed a product only for the Japanese market. Apart from showing he new PSP, which was targeted to be launched on September 20 this year, the press also introduced a TV Tuner. The new PSP model (PSP -2000) shall be costing around $162 . The TV Tuner (PSP -S310) which can be attached to the PSP via the USB port cost around $57. Itís light and very portable. But the only drawback is that it can only be used by the Japanese, since itís a 1seg digital TV Tuner and it can only catch the Japan airwaves. The tuner is also expected to be launched on the same date. Now the only concern for those PSP lovers out there (me included) would be the timeliness of this device. Sony Computer Entertainment had disappointed millions of fans and lost a lot due to the problems with the PS3. The late arrival is causing concerns whether the PSP too shall be launched in time.

At E3, Sony mentioned that there shall be two new PSP colors, Ice silver and ceramic white. Japanese model will get a set of 3 light colored models which the SCE is calling the Bloom Series. It consists of Rose Pink, Lavender Purple and Felicia blue. These series of colors are already out in limited quantity (probably smuggled goods) in a number of shops in Indonesia. Japan is also getting a limited edition of Crisis Core PSP, which will be out on September 13. They shall be getting the new PSP a week before its official release. Production for these has been limited to only 77,777 and is priced around $212.

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